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Web Magazine Babiekins  first hit your browser in Spring 2010. The editor-in-chief and creator is the very busy Priscila Barros.  The mother of two also runs an etsy shop ( filled with vintage finds) and maintains a blog (both called “Little Miss Heirlooms”.) Her magazine Babiekins features ( on over 150 spreads ) a range of fashion designs and designers, party ideas, DIY projects, family relationships, stories, collages, and real issues concerning children. Babiekins is free and published quarterly. What caught my eye were several of the photographs and photographers in the latest issue, and I asked Priscila to let me feature some of my favorites here…

Lorna Freytag. From Edinburgh, Scotland. Lorna creates dreamy illustrational photography and children’s portraits. She is also working on a book called  “Wild Child” to be published this year. Visit her site here and her portrait site here. ( In Babiekins find her story “Wild Child” starting on spread 39/40.)

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Monika Elena. A self proclaimed sunloving California Girl Monika resides currently in Copenhagen. She tends to use her Polaroid Camera and her best portraits are those that are drenched in a gorgeous haze of light often featuring her daughter Juliette. ( Her contribution “Your Royal Highness” in Babiekins starts on Spread 193/94)

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Otikwitteiker. A mixmaster of Magic Realism. Born in the states, the photographer grew up in Argentina and today runs a studio in Berlin. ( In Babiekins you will find his concoctions of fables and fantasies named “Longing for Summer” starting on spread 259/60)

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Anyhow, this is just my shortlist , go and find many more great pictures and stories in Babiekins Magazine. Enjoy!!!

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