Mink for me

I had to have this “mink hole scarf!” Made by a cool woman that calls herself “Lazy Gal”,  in my favorite color ( sophisticated light blue), using my favorite shape ( circles)  from recycled materials of which one of it is yes, mink. If I were you, I would email Martha Bishop right now and […]


Montana “Magpie Toys”

So, here we are in Red Lodge-tiny little town with cute stores up and down Main Street. This one caught our eye: Magpie Toys. Tall building with tin ceilings, shelves stacked high with wooden sculptures and objects, old toys, books, half of them not even for sale. Wooden guns, sling shots, rocks, horse shoe puzzles […]


Montana “The Candy Emporium”

Another Red Lodge store we spent some time in. Well, they had the good black Licorice from Holland, the original, of course I spend some time in there…and went back to for more. Twice. Anyhow, this is heaven: taffy as far as your eye can see, home made fudge and truffles and pralines, candy bars […]

Montana. "The Fin & Pin" in Red Lodge

When renting a vacation home or hotel room, I do expect the worst when it comes to interior design…esspecially when you make last minutes plans and you are travelling with kids and on a budget. So I was excited to find that our “home away from home” was actually a quite special, beautiful log house […]


Oh Tannenbaum

Yes, we do have a tree. And yes, it is a real tree. And it is adorned (not with real wax candles as we do it where I come from) but a large assortment of well, ornaments. Jarek and I keep these in a box. Actually two boxes. And every year I am amazed by […]

“…there’s those thinking more or less less is more but if less is more how you’re keeping score?” — Eddie Vedder


Cake-Factory at BINTH

Opening a package of Belgium chocolate from Tammy at the Cake-Factory made me remember that lovely evening we had with her and British Photographer Martin Wonnacott. Martin is one of the most talented and sought after commercial “shooters” in the world of liquor and liquids. He moved from London to NY two years ago, and […]


Domestic Goddess…or something like that

Look, my mother sent us her Christmas Cookie recipes from Germany, as always neatly typed up, since she is convinced that her handwriting will only lead to misunderstandings…”Spritzgebaeck”, “Berliner Brot” and my favorite “Vanillekipfel.” In the spirit of sharing and domesticity and because our new kitchen is beautiful and perfect for crowds, we decided to […]


Remembering Sally

Today it would have been Bonnie’s mother’s birthday. I want to remember her by sharing this raw and romantic photograph of her and her husband Clinton, taken many moons ago. I find this image unbelievably haunting and gorgeous. Sally Ruth Hane Tawse November 6, 1936 – September 29, 2009 …mother, wife, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend, […]