The bags we carry…

We Germans have a thing about bags. For us bags are highly functional objects and never meant to be frivolous. Bags are form not fad. Bags are not a fashion accessory, they are a “tool.” Now, don’t get me wrong, color, shape, material and overall look play a big role when buying a bag-but they […]

Walter Bosse in the Haus

I am still unpacking from Germany, but wanted to start sharing some of the beautiful things + designs + crafts and brands I discovered or re-discovered on my last travels; share what I brought back to “sweet home” Chicago this time around. Let’s start with my father’s ashtray…! As children we were absolutely fascinated by […]

Goodbye London

Our last day in London was spend at the Whitechapel Gallery…where Thomas Struth‘s photography kept Jarek and I captivated. We loved this space. And now we are off to the airport going back in time to sweet home Chicago. But oh, we will miss this city. ‘Til next time!  xoxox

Temples, Tatooes, Yoga + other fine goods

The last two days were all about Temples, Tatooes, Patterns and Credos…From London’s Indian neighborhood, to hemp driven Campden, to soccer crazy NikeTown, fun TopShop and always lovely Muji. Then Yoga studio “Indaba” with it’s gorgeously simple + smart interior design-this is probably the most beautiful yoga studio around. Not only is our very own […]


Bridges,Tubes + Castles. Cathedrals, Pies + Pigeons. The Tate… all brought to us by the amazing Ellen Walsh Moorman,  Jarek’s aunt and a good friend. We heart her and we heart her city. xoxox

pictures from home

August apples, bowls of steaming potatoes, perfectly soft boiled eggs, a wooden rocking horse, my nieces sharing a sausage, our favorite childhood puzzle, my mother’s typewriter and her collection of russian nesting dolls…a castle, a small town and a river that runs through it…that’s home, that is where I am coming from.