Bitter Sweet Sweet Peas

Clearly fall is here…Linnea came over today with the most amazingly wrapped pods of the perennial sweet peas that grow in front of BINTH studio on Justine. She wanted me to plant those in my new garden here in Oak Park, or the OP as we call it…I couldn’t. That little package looked too beautiful to part with and is now adorning my bookshelf.

Here is what I will miss next summer…a field full of bright pinks and the freshest greens. And deesn’t Monkey (our studio cat) look pretty damn good as well right there? Not to be overly “sweet” here but these sweet peas came from Linnea’s husband’s grandmother’s garden. Her name was June.

But alright, let’s welcome Fall and then the long Chicago Winter… I admit it makes me feel more bitter than sweet…but then again, we will always have June. Right?

Monkey by the Snap Peas

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