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Penguins in Kentucky

You’ll never hear me complaining when we have to go on a business trip to Louisville, Kentucky. I love my clients down there. But honestly I really like going because I love the 21c Museum Hotel where I know we will stay. Or dine. Now for the second consecutive year the 21c Museum Hotel has […]


Flying off the page

Hello Spring!  Here a piece from Artist Jack Milroy I wanted to share..( Yes, another London find. ) Milroy, born in Glasgow 1938 trained in England at the Scarborugh School of Art and the University of London where he lives and teaches ever since. Milroy is the master of modern collages. He prefers to work […]

Dear Swallow

No, this is NOT another picture of my grandmother…this is artist Ria Charisse’s card. And her  “Thorny Twig” cast, a present from my friend Bonnie. For years I have been eyeing Ria’s work, I  have a piece of her jewelry-but it is the casts that I love most. “The fascination with natural forms continues. After […]