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Wintergames: "Mau Mau"

My brother and I used to play this German card game with my grandmother and our uncles. It’s called “Mau Mau”- I have memories of playing it evening after evening…exactly what we did around here this winter. Rules: The game is played with a regular deck of playing cards. The players are dealt each a […]


FRIENDS. A new collection of prints…

Our “BINTH Friends” are here!  A very cool collection of ready to hang prints. Based on our all time favorite BINTH designs- these are ten little characters in sturdy frames. Jarek helped set up the stillife’s below…and I can tell you for sure that “Fancy Doe Girl” and “Prancing Miss Poodle” are not going to […]


Gone Hunting

For the third year now Jarek and I have been spending Easter in Coloma, Michigan at our friends Teddy and Bonnie’s family house. Nestled in the woods, overlooking a little valley it has been the perfect get-away and back drop for oh! so many times and seasons. Easter up here though is the most magical. […]