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Walter Bosse in the Haus

I am still unpacking from Germany, but wanted to start sharing some of the beautiful things + designs + crafts and brands I discovered or re-discovered on my last travels; share what I brought back to “sweet home” Chicago this time around. Let’s start with my father’s ashtray…! As children we were absolutely fascinated by […]

A Birthday Tentacle

My Birthday present: the Silver Tentacle Ring from Jeweler Peggy Skemp. A stunning sculpture cast from parts of a small octopus and entirely hand made in recycled sterling silver, then oxidized black. Thank you Brad! I love it. xoxo

Dear Swallow

No, this is NOT another picture of my grandmother…this is artist Ria Charisse’s card. And her  “Thorny Twig” cast, a present from my friend Bonnie. For years I have been eyeing Ria’s work, I  have a piece of her jewelry-but it is the casts that I love most. “The fascination with natural forms continues. After […]