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Walter Bosse in the Haus

I am still unpacking from Germany, but wanted to start sharing some of the beautiful things + designs + crafts and brands I discovered or re-discovered on my last travels; share what I brought back to “sweet home” Chicago this time around. Let’s start with my father’s ashtray…! As children we were absolutely fascinated by […]

pictures from home

August apples, bowls of steaming potatoes, perfectly soft boiled eggs, a wooden rocking horse, my nieces sharing a sausage, our favorite childhood puzzle, my mother’s typewriter and her collection of russian nesting dolls…a castle, a small town and a river that runs through it…that’s home, that is where I am coming from.


The Cathedral

On our last day in Germany, a beautiful sun laden fall day, we went to the city of Frankfurt… Our first visit: The “Dom.” Build out of red sand stone the Frankfurt Cathedral was constructed in the 14th and 15th centuries on the foundation of an earlier church.  Gothic. Haunting. Humbling.

The Ladies of Fire and Water

Since my sister asks me to hold off on publishing any wedding photos here until she edits them ( ! ) I wanted to at least share the pretty ladies that where at the tables… Besides our BINTH “Devoted” candles every table had these gorgeous water glasses and bottles from the Elisabethen Quelle  in Germany. […]

You say Meringue. I say Baiser.

Talking about something white and beautiful…here a photo of something white and fluffy that excited me today…What we call “Meringue” in the US we call “Baiser” here in the motherland. And for once, just once, the Germans have clearly super sized the Americans…YUM!!!!

White Wedding…

Hey little sister…Well you know the song. And you all know by now that we are back in Germany photographing and being part of my little sister’s wedding. The last days have been a flurry of activities…I particularly loved learning how to button her into the amazing wedding dress, a beautiful white concoction…which she claims […]


…in the family…

My mother has become the beholder of all family treasures and the keeper of all secrets. Today, on our last day until we come back in October she pulled out the old family bibles and told Jarek and I where our creative spirit was born. Her grandfather, Karl Grawe, a humble hardworking farmer from Pomerania […]

Picture 17_0

The George

The George Hotel in Hamburg. British themed and German operated….think of this Hotel as a Club House that works. ( Barcelona chairs and a big deep sofa in the fireplace room just of the lobby-perfect to cuddle up in for those long distance calls home) Pleasant colors, (dark greys, rich browns) smart designs, solid wooden […]


Hamburg Hafen

The port is of Hamburg was founded on May 7, 1189 for its strategic location. It has been Central Europe's main port for centuries. It is majestic. And busy-with cargo ships coming in and out, cranes awaiting to lift containers like lego bricks (the square ones) off boats the size of cityblocks. Tourists are buzzing […]