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Happy Easter 2011

Yep, we did it again…our annual Easter and Spring Celebration Weekend in Michigan. We gathered with Bonnie, Teddy, Rachel, John, Ruby, Estelle, Sam, Ben, Jarek and Dude and for two and a half days we made incredible feasts, ( from Lamb to Salmon to Chicken Roasts. Apple Pie anybody? Warm and with ice cream? )  […]


Oh there are so many reasons why Peeps just do not last long around here. Happy Easter Weekend from our home to yours. Peeps, I mean Peace. Greetings from Jarek. And our microwave….S

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A flurry of cool shows coming up. ’tis the season!

Let the season begin: our first of 4 exciting Holiday shows will be held this week. We got invited to be part of Chicago’s Junior League 39th Annual Holiday Market…thanks to our friend Chrissie Bonaguidi that is. Stop by and visit-we will be right on Michigan Avenue in the Chicago Cultural Center with our latest […]


Let’s wrap this up…

We just got a new shipment of wrapping paper, to get ready for the holidays. Here are some of my all time favorites and some new designs from EIEIO Studios. Jean Orlebeke, designer of EIEIO papers, is inspired by the mid-century modernists, the abstract forms of modern sculpture, and the beauty of hand woven textiles. […]


Gone Hunting

For the third year now Jarek and I have been spending Easter in Coloma, Michigan at our friends Teddy and Bonnie’s family house. Nestled in the woods, overlooking a little valley it has been the perfect get-away and back drop for oh! so many times and seasons. Easter up here though is the most magical. […]

Montana. "The Fin & Pin" in Red Lodge

When renting a vacation home or hotel room, I do expect the worst when it comes to interior design…esspecially when you make last minutes plans and you are travelling with kids and on a budget. So I was excited to find that our “home away from home” was actually a quite special, beautiful log house […]


Oh Tannenbaum

Yes, we do have a tree. And yes, it is a real tree. And it is adorned (not with real wax candles as we do it where I come from) but a large assortment of well, ornaments. Jarek and I keep these in a box. Actually two boxes. And every year I am amazed by […]