Themis Mobiles

If you know me, you know that I love mobiles. These “Themis” Mobiles by Stockholm Artists and Designer Clara von  Zweigbergk are gorgeous. We just got them in and at  $29.50 this is a beautiful gift for the hard-to-buy for type with a lot of taste…of course you could also hang it in the nursery.  Mine will go into my new, all white study.

“The shapes quickly came together as a mobile. I think of them as planets and like to see the colors change while gently turning.”

Themis Mobiles are geometric décor pieces composed of faceted paper ornaments, each with its own distinct palette of color: fluorescent neons, purples and browns. “Themis II” features a juxtaposition of neon and muted colorways, an unexpected and bold color pairing. Don’t be fooled though, while made out of paper these are amazingly sturdy.  Themis Trio: H 24 W 24  Themis: L 16 in, W 16 in, H 17 Designed for Artecnia. Clara von  Zweigbergk has designed and illustrated several books, among the “A Collection of Tickets” by Carouschka which has become a cult item in Japan. After four years as a graphic designer at Lissoni Associati in Milano, with clients such as Boffi, Porro and Alessi, she has now re-started her studio in Stockholm.

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