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The Ladies of Fire and Water

Since my sister asks me to hold off on publishing any wedding photos here until she edits them ( ! ) I wanted to at least share the pretty ladies that where at the tables… Besides our BINTH “Devoted” candles every table had these gorgeous water glasses and bottles from the Elisabethen Quelle  in Germany. […]

White Wedding…

Hey little sister…Well you know the song. And you all know by now that we are back in Germany photographing and being part of my little sister’s wedding. The last days have been a flurry of activities…I particularly loved learning how to button her into the amazing wedding dress, a beautiful white concoction…which she claims […]


“Pia”…a very lucky baby.

Finally we meet her: the newest member of the BINTH family: Pia Victoria  Born on April 20th to my brother Hendrik and his wife Andrea. Here she is in all her baby cheek beauty, trying to nap in my mother's house, cozied up in the family crib being ungraciously interrupted by her aunt and cousin […]