Cake-Factory at BINTH

Opening a package of Belgium chocolate from Tammy at the Cake-Factory made me remember that lovely evening we had with her and British Photographer Martin Wonnacott. Martin is one of the most talented and sought after commercial “shooters” in the world of liquor and liquids. He moved from London to NY two years ago, and is booked so much that he has only been able to leave his studio in Manhattan twice so far:  once to get married in Vegas, and then to come for a visit to Chicago. I understand why, as it is quite beautiful what the man can do with booze besides drinking it….( Look what he created for my client Herradura Tequila.) Anyhow, the night I am talking about here, 12 of us started gathering for cocktails at BINTH studio and ended with a long and lavish dinner at one of my favorite restaurants: Sepia. Great place, rustic yet contemporary.

Cheers! (I tip my hat to you Martin and Tammy, thanks for the chocolate…)

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