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"The Alster"

The Alster is Hamburg's soul. Created by damming part of the River Elbe in the 13th century, the lake and its little canals that take you through the residential backyards of Hamburg is now an integral part of the cityscape. (Hamburg has more bridges than Venice, Italy by the way…) The “Alster” covers an area […]



Hamburg. This is where I am this week. An amazing town…And before I share stories about the stores and designs that struck me and the people I met I wanted to share this…the plain and simple tourist take on Hamburg the second-largest city in Germany (second to Berlin) and the seventh-largest city in the European […]

Germany: The Water this Season

San Pellegrino expresses impeccable taste by collaborating with Italian House of Style Missoni and decorating the bottle labels with the signature Missoni pattern. This is supposedly the first of a series of limited edition collaborations between San Pellegrino and classic Italian brands. Tastefully done I think. ( We emptied two of these bottles last night […]

…and off to the Motherland we go…

Jarek and I are on our way to Germany…visiting our family & friends. My sister in Frankfurt, my mother and my brother in my hometown Altena, then friends in Hamburg and Berlin. Soooo exciting. Stay tuned for updates. Tschüss!