FRIENDS. A new collection of prints…

Our “BINTH Friends” are here!  A very cool collection of ready to hang prints. Based on our all time favorite BINTH designs- these are ten little characters in sturdy frames. Jarek helped set up the stillife’s below…and I can tell you for sure that “Fancy Doe Girl” and “Prancing Miss Poodle” are not going to make it to his room. “Pixel Dragon” and ‘Sunny The Lion” on the other hand are already up there…

“Very Wise Owl”, “Sunny The Lion” and “Pixel Dragon” and our beloved Elephant (Manhattan Toy Company)

A match.

“Very Wise Owl”-I love her. Perfect for any book shelf or nightstand.

“Moody Octopos”, “Prancing Miss Poodle” and “Fancy Doe Girl” with Jarek’s Kidrobot Happy Labbit.

“Fancy Doe Girl”. She got stance. And attitute.

Well, yes, let’s go! “Prancing Miss Poodle” and my Nymphenburg Dachshund…BFF.

I heart this collection. I love the lavender, the lemon drop yellow and the hint of cream.  I love that they can be mixed and matched, that they are truly perfect for anybody of every age… in any room and any combination. I think they might be the perfect little stocking stuffer, together with our Matching Game that is. Joy!

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