The BINTH Candle Collection is here.

Dear Bonnie, Gigi, Adrienne and Liz…remember the times this spring and summer when I made you all “test” the wildest, yummiest, most unexpected blends of scents? When I travelled around with a suitcase full of little bottles filled with amazing scented oil concoctions? When I called you in the middle of the night to discuss the subtle differences between rose & orange blossoms, red & black currants? When I asked you to take just one more “whiff”, asked you to inhale the scent of espresso beans and, exhale, try again? Today, as the result of your labor of love: the BINTH candles have arrived! We just got the first set from the candle pourer. Below two pictures of the first of our collection of eight candles, the one I named “Wanted.” The one that has the mysterious, tempting scent of fig. The design? Punk. Rock. Romance.

Picture 71_0

Picture 73_0

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