Tiny Fingers Tiny Toes

I got a beautiful email from a customer today:

I am so glad I had the presence of mind to bring the baby book with us to the hospital. It was the only thing I cared about making sure I had with me. My son is named Raleigh Wyatt and his birth date was February 21, 2008. His little sister is due on September 24, so the chocolate book should arrive in plenty of time to come with us to the hospital.”

Attached were these photos of the  “Tiny Fingers, Tiny Toe” pages from her Binth Baby Book. How precious. How amazing. I am soo touched. (Kim lives in Colorado and if you noticed, Raleigh’s name and the date are not filled in yet. Any suggestion for her on what pen to use?)


Please all of you out there-share photographs of your Binth Baby Book with me, I am curious to see and post them. Kim, thank you for being the first.


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