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White Wedding…

Hey little sister…Well you know the song. And you all know by now that we are back in Germany photographing and being part of my little sister’s wedding. The last days have been a flurry of activities…I particularly loved learning how to button her into the amazing wedding dress, a beautiful white concoction…which she claims […]


…in the family…

My mother has become the beholder of all family treasures and the keeper of all secrets. Today, on our last day until we come back in October she pulled out the old family bibles and told Jarek and I where our creative spirit was born. Her grandfather, Karl Grawe, a humble hardworking farmer from Pomerania […]

Love #1301

Valentine. The story of mine…

Wanted to share the inspiration behind my favorite of our many Valentine designs. My grandmothers hope chest! She stitched those beautiful borders by hand and pinned them to the shelves of her armoire of innocent, intimate whites… So pure it’s sexy. (The below stitching says “Was Mütterlein mir einst beschert” which translates loosely to “what […]