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Hamburg. This is where I am this week. An amazing town…And before I share stories about the stores and designs that struck me and the people I met I wanted to share this…the plain and simple tourist take on Hamburg the second-largest city in Germany (second to Berlin) and the seventh-largest city in the European […]

Germany Part 1 “Heusenstamm by Frankfurt”

How is this for a first day in Germany? We started our afternoon in a church and ended it in a castle. We are in Heusenstamm, a small town in the outskirts of Frankfurt.  Home to my sister Julia and her soon be be husband Wolfgang. Today it was all about their upcoming wedding day. […]

…and off to the Motherland we go…

Jarek and I are on our way to Germany…visiting our family & friends. My sister in Frankfurt, my mother and my brother in my hometown Altena, then friends in Hamburg and Berlin. Soooo exciting. Stay tuned for updates. Tschüss!


Montana “Magpie Toys”

So, here we are in Red Lodge-tiny little town with cute stores up and down Main Street. This one caught our eye: Magpie Toys. Tall building with tin ceilings, shelves stacked high with wooden sculptures and objects, old toys, books, half of them not even for sale. Wooden guns, sling shots, rocks, horse shoe puzzles […]

Montana. "The Fin & Pin" in Red Lodge

When renting a vacation home or hotel room, I do expect the worst when it comes to interior design…esspecially when you make last minutes plans and you are travelling with kids and on a budget. So I was excited to find that our “home away from home” was actually a quite special, beautiful log house […]