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FRIENDS. A new collection of prints…

Our “BINTH Friends” are here!  A very cool collection of ready to hang prints. Based on our all time favorite BINTH designs- these are ten little characters in sturdy frames. Jarek helped set up the stillife’s below…and I can tell you for sure that “Fancy Doe Girl” and “Prancing Miss Poodle” are not going to […]

Shine. Shine on!

Here the latest photos of our first collection of soy wax candles…I am seriously addicted to “Wanted” and “Fresh.” Yet “Curious” remains the bestseller. I finally photographed the “after the fire” : use the tumbler as a pencil holder or a fancy little drinking glass once the candles is “burned down.” ( As usual: thanks […]

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Erin Claire

And another lucky BINTH baby to announce….On Wednesday  at 9:11 am  Erin Claire Rowland was born-turning our web developer Ben (from Tecture) and his wife Mary into proud parents. She is beautiful. And seems real mellow. We hope that lasts…CONGRATULATIONS!

The Ladies of Fire and Water

Since my sister asks me to hold off on publishing any wedding photos here until she edits them ( ! ) I wanted to at least share the pretty ladies that where at the tables… Besides our BINTH “Devoted” candles every table had these gorgeous water glasses and bottles from the Elisabethen Quelle  in Germany. […]

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The BINTH Candle Collection is here.

Dear Bonnie, Gigi, Adrienne and Liz…remember the times this spring and summer when I made you all “test” the wildest, yummiest, most unexpected blends of scents? When I travelled around with a suitcase full of little bottles filled with amazing scented oil concoctions? When I called you in the middle of the night to discuss […]