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Let’s wrap this up…

We just got a new shipment of wrapping paper, to get ready for the holidays. Here are some of my all time favorites and some new designs from EIEIO Studios. Jean Orlebeke, designer of EIEIO papers, is inspired by the mid-century modernists, the abstract forms of modern sculpture, and the beauty of hand woven textiles. […]

stillife of tweenlife

There is no denying that my son Jarek, my collaborator, my “baby” is growing up. Here my “Sunday Morning” stillife -objects from around his desk, his room, our kitchen, the studio…these are the things he carries with him; the things he creates every day on his journey of becoming who he will be. Today, he […]


Making sense of scents

Turn off the lights… A new dimension is added: we are developing our very first line of candles. For weeks now I have been tinkering with an amazing array of essential oils-trying to create the perfect concoction. Then name it and marry it with the perfect BINTH design. I love this process. 8 original designs. […]

Happy Birthday Fun

Look what Jarek got me for my Birthday- a Marshmallow Man. The toasted one. Tasteful on so many levels… Yes, he knows me well. The cutest thing: he delivered this present on a tray, serving me breakfast in bed. Made by Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi this is my third “Marshall” character. Further to be noted […]

Mink for me

I had to have this “mink hole scarf!” Made by a cool woman that calls herself “Lazy Gal”,  in my favorite color ( sophisticated light blue), using my favorite shape ( circles)  from recycled materials of which one of it is yes, mink. If I were you, I would email Martha Bishop right now and […]